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Despite being a small family-run business, our impact on the local community is never underestimated. Our role in the community is crucial to the business’s sustainability.

We have made three commitments,

  • To integrate responsible business practices throughout all aspects of daily work.
  • To inspire, innovate and lead by shared learning and experience whilst communicating the business’s commitment to responsible business practise.
  • To attempt to be proactive in activities not directly involved in the commercial running of the business, activities such as giving time/resources, school involvement and community involvement-to be socially responsible.

Birchgrove eggs are, and have always been, sensitive and responsible to the culture of its community and customer base. These responsibilities are both internal and external and are interdependent upon the business, society and the environment. These are extremely important values in Wales.

Freedom Food

The Freedom Foods five freedoms:

  • Freedom from hunger
  • Freedom from sickness and disease
  • Freedom from fear and distress
  • Freedom from pain and injury
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour

Freedom Food is the only UK farm assurance and food labelling scheme dedicated to farm animal welfare.

The Freedom Food certification mark gives consumers the assurance that the scheme is backed by the RSPCA, one of the most respected animal charities in the world.

Find out more at the RSPCA Freedom Food website.

Low Carbon Footprint

Birchgrove eggs has measured its Carbon Footprint (Bangor University 2010), the findings were low. Now we know our carbon footprint we will ensure this is initially frozen, whilst we implement off setting practices to reduce it whilst not impacting on growth. These off setting tasks comprise of:

  • further tree planting, namely orchards, which will produce more food per acre
  • act as further carbon sinks
  • provide shelter for the hens
  • investigate further Symbiotic practices
  • investigate alternative energy sources as and when they become more efficient and viable
  • improve supply chain efficiencies

We will remeasure the footprint in 2013 to ensure off setting practices are working.

ADAS have conducted an environmental impact assessment at Birchgrove. We have conducted our own Biodiversity research, wejhave identified 58 species of trees, plants and grasses present.

Bi-lingual policy

At Birchgrove we have a bi lingual policy for our work place, all packaging, and all marketing material.

Food Safety

Birchgrove produce healthy affordable eggs.
Birchgrove Eggs have full SALSA (Safe and Local Suppliers) and HACCP policies and all our staff are trained in Food Handling accredited to level 2.

We like to call our eggs a super food, high in omega 3, and nutrient dense. The birds are fed a non GM diet which amounts to about 85% of daily requirement, the balance being sourced by the hens ‘on range’. We have had for many years Salmonellae monitoring procedures. Long before the compulsory testing became enforced. Scientific evidence has now proven that eggs are healthy, previous concerns about cholesterol and eggs have been overturned as it’s believed the new diets of the hens have reduced these levels. We also have a healthy working environment, with family friendly hour. We believe Birchgrove produces a non exclusive, safe and trusted food. All our farming practices are sustainable.

Farming with a conscience

Our farming practices are based on a highly ethical code. It is important to us to make the right choices. No herbicides or pesticides are used.

We are heavily involved in many activities to encourage businesses, local authorities and consumers in Wales to source and use local regional foods in as many meal preparations as possible.

Birchgrove Eggs have been extremely active in the promotion of ’Brand Wales’ food products, and take every opportunity to campaign for clearer and precise food labelling.

We employ nine members of staff, all locally based. We have family friendly flexible working hours.

We have also encouraged several farms locally to diversify into egg production, and have assisted in all aspects of the process.

Visitors welcome

We receive many organised visits from Young Farmer’s clubs, University students, Merched Y Wawr, W.I’s, local schools, and the general public.


We sponsor and support as many charities and organisations as we can.