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Hens & Eggs

Chickens originate from Junglefowl, so being free and able to roam comes as naturally to them as it does to us.

There are approximately 24 billion chickens in the world!

A large egg has around 70 calories and is known for being nutrient dense. This means that eggs provide a good proportion of required nutrients in comparison to the calories they provide.

Not all chickens lead happy lives but at Birchgrove the chickens welfare is paramount. This is why we volunteered to be monitored by the RSPCA’S Freedom Food Scheme and are Freedom Food Ambassadors.

We use two types of chicken the Bovan and Amber Link, both are a hybrid breed and we consider the best for free range eggs as they are considered to be ‘good forages’.

On average our hens produce an egg a day and all our eggs are collected daily, stamped with our unique flock code and are on your plate within 2 days of being laid.

You may occasionally find a double yoker in a Birchgrove box, these tend to be laid by young hens. These hens are called ‘Pullets’ and is generally a bird under 25 weeks of age.

We give our hens more freedom and space than the recommended allocation by DEFRA, so have the space to be able to sunbathe or shelter depending on the weather.

All our hens are inoculated against Salmonellae, our hens are healthy and happy and we want you to be too!

Our chickens have access to food and water throughout the day, but by being free ranged they are encouraged to go outside and wander.
Our hens don’t ever come into contact with any GM food, they enjoy high quality feed and the occasional insect.


  • Egg Boxes

    Also available as family pack